Friday, November 20, 2009

I want to make this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

SO I have the jersey for the tshit, and the denim for the jeans and now I am looking for patterns for the sweaters.  All I can find is this:

What the Heck?
I know that there are hip knitters out there?  Where are the hip patterns?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am back

After a LONG hiatus I am back. Things have happened and lives have changed. I still craft and will always continue to. I have been really busy with school and TRYING to find a job. At the beginning of the week I prayed that that two good things would happen to me, one that I would get into St. Kate's (a private university here in St. Paul) and that I would finally find a job. So far I have gotten into St. Kate's, and although I am very excited I am very woried about the cost of attending there. It is close to $14,000 a semester and although I do have a $5,000 academic scholarship I am still a little worried about paying for everything. This is why I really need the job. I have applied at seriously over a hundred places all to be told that they are currently not hiring but will keep my application on file. OR I have been told I can have a job but....January 4th I will be laid off again. I am looking for part time work only so that I can concentrate on graduating and getting a real a teacher. Unfortunately, since I am a full time student I do not qualify for unemployment in the state of Minnesota, so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can get unemployment but I will have to drop out or drop to part time, and I cant lie and say that "no I am not in school" because I have a government backed student loan.

So I really just need this other thing-getting a job- to happen to me this week.

I will be getting back to the crafting thing shortly. I have a few projects that I am currently working on (what else is new) and will post them shortly. I have been teaching after school classes to elementary children for a few weeks now. It is very fun and rewarding. This week they are making graham cracker castles.

Cheers for now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

change is better

I changed it up a bit. Had a few complaints about it being to hard to see.

Have a great day!


Almost forgotten

I made this little lamb mobile right after A was born. I almost forgot about it till I joined Flickr and found it again. The lambs are made out of felt and chenille.

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SO I am very sad that the summer school class is done. We had so much fun. J came with and was the only boy but he had a blast.

We made a bunch of things that had to do with the ocean.

Monday we made oceans in a jar. I took large mason jars and had the kids put sea shells, marbles, and little plastic fish in them. We filled the jar with water and then added blue food coloring. I put about a cup of regular old cooking oil in the jars and then we closed them up. When you shake them up you have an ocean in the jar! The kids LOVED to make them! I let them put stickers on the outside of the jars. The stickers are seethru so it made it look like the pictures were on the inside of the jar!

Tuesday we made Tie Dye tshirts. I did not ask any parents if I could put their child on my web site so I just made them all into smiley faces!

Wednesday we made sparkly shell frames. I bought a bunch of bleached clam shells and plain picture frames. The kids painted the frames and then put glitter on the shells. I glued the shells onto the frames. I took pictures of them and then super imposed them into an undersea background. This is J's so you get an idea. Then I put them into the picture frames. The kids thought that was super funny.

Today we made Beach bums. I took jelly sized mason jars and let the kids layer the sand (my colored sand I made last week!) into the jar. After they did that I had straw hats, hair, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners, foam surfboards, and pom poms for them to make the jars into little people. J said that this was is favorite.

Well then he changed is mind to the ocean in the jar. Then he changed his mind to the Tie Dye. I think that that means he liked them all.

The other girls in the class really want me to teach other classes.

It was such a fun week I am really sad that it had to end. The kids were all so creative and adorable and funny. I really had a blast. I probably had more fun than they did! It was really nice having J in my class because he was an honest oppinion of my teaching skills.

Now I just have to graduate so I can teach all the time!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So the sand turned out ok. It is pastel, but it will work.

So what can I do with two boring tshirts and 2 fat quarters?

Make them awesome!

The black one is a zebra. And the red one has 4 penguins that wrap around the front of the shirt with the penguins getting smaller.

I made these little babys for J while I was making dinner and we were watching "Fly Me To The Moon" Which by the way has a great sound track!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Making colored sand

SO for the last 2 weeks I was searching the entire state of Minnesota, looking for colored sand for one of the project for school next week. For the life of me I could not find any colored sand. Then I had an idea. With a quick search in swagbucks I found out that I can dye sand with food coloring. Granted all of the "recipes" were for small amounts of sand and I needed about 20 pounds of sand! So I had to improvise...

I went to the pet store and got 2 10 pound bags of white hermit crab sand. Nature's Ocean!

I figured the best way to do this with out making a huge mess was in ziplock bags. (oh I was at my mothers house If you are wondering why the background does not look like my living room!)

I put about 5 cups of sand in the bottom of the bag and filled it with water until the sand was saturated.

Plopped in **alot** of food coloring. (I used almost 2 boxes for the 2 bags. Getting 5 colors out of each bag.)

I mushed it up with my hands for a while till most of the sand was mixed with the color. Then I took off the rubber glove, zipped up that bag and mushed it around in the bag for a while. I tried to get most of the air out and rolled it up and put it in a second zip lock bag just incase the first one leaked (wich a few of them did.!)

Here is a Pink one.

And sky blue and yellow.

I have to dry them out today so I will update and let you know how they all came out!

Have a good one!


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